Introduction to Aviation

The activities surrounding mechanical flight and the aircraft industry refers to aviation. It is also called as air transport. When it comes to aircraft, there are different types. The most common types are fixed-wing and rotary-wing types. Airships and balloons too are included. When the hot air balloon was invented, aviation also started and it was in the 18th century. As technology continue to develop, there were also significant advancements in aviation technology. It includes the development of the controlled gliding flying of Otto Lilienthal.

Then, the first powered airplane constructed by the Wright brothers has made the aviation industry much developed and became very popular. Soon after, the jet was introduced and became one of the major form of transport throughout the world. There had been many inventions that were made before such as the hot air balloon which was designed by the Montgolfier brothers, the rigid airships especially the ones  manufactured by the German Zeppelin company, and many innovations and great progress was made in the field of aviation.

The Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, and the United Aircraft Corporation are the five major manufacturers of civil transport aircraft. These companies are based in different parts of the world. Some of these companies focus on wide-body and narrow-body jet airliners like the Boeing and Airbus. For Bombardier and Embraer, it concentrates on regional airliners. In terms of the general aviation, both private and commercial are included. Even business flights, parachuting, hang gliding, air ambulance, and police air patrols are also included.